48 Hours: Atlanta

A visitor gets an up-close view of the Georgia Aquariums coral reef exhibit.

A visitor gets an up-close view of the Georgia Aquarium's coral reef exhibit.

The world’s largest aquarium, sophisticated restaurants, and an eclectic music scene are but a few of the surprises waiting in this peach of a city.

Reported by Deena Guzder, Husna Haq, and Jessie Johnstonn the March issue of Traveler, John Rosenthal explores the modern southern city in “48 Hours: Atlanta High,” where he meets Ralph and Norton, whale sharks that rule the Georgia Aquarium’s main tank. He finds unique treasures, like a Fab Four lunchbox at Junkman’s Daughter, and listens to live blues at Blind Willie’s.


Following are up-to-the-minute resources to help plan your next trip to Atlanta, whether you want to find a great restaurant, see where a hot local band is playing, or catch up on local politics. We’ve also included books and movies set or filmed in Atlanta that capture the city’s spirit.

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